Helpful Hints
  When using a hardside wood frame with your waterbed mattress be sure the inside dimensions
  of the frame measure as follows:
  King = 72" x 84" x 9"
  Queen = 60" x 84" x 9"
  Super Single = 48" x 84" x 9"

  Always keep your bed covered & use a mattress pad; It will keep the heat in & preserve the
  freshness of your softsoft sided mattress cover.

  Your mattress may need occasional "burbing". City water has air trapped in it & the heat &
  movement bring it to the surface for some time after initial filling. "Burp" your mattress with the
  aid of a broom handle by simply placing it on the opposite end from the fill valve & slowly drag
  back toward the valve.

  Keep sharp & hot objects distant from your mattress. A puncture is easily repairable with a patch
  kit but it's an inconvenience that's easily avoided.

  Use only approved waterbed heaters with your waterbed.
  NEVER use conventional electric blankets!

If You Think Your Mattress Has  A Leak
  The presence of water outside your mattress or in the liner is rarely due to a leak.
  Probably causes include: normal water condensation while the mattress was cold or unheated,
  spillage unnoticed while filling, cross threaded fill valve or some other form of accidental water

  If you do suspect a leak in your mattress, follow this simple procedure before going to all the
  trouble of draining your mattress:
  Step 1: Dry the mattress completely.
  Step 2: Leave a dry towel under the suspected area for 24 hours; Check to see if more water
              has accumulated.
  Step 3: If more water is evident, locate & patch the leak using the repair kit that comes with
              your mattress. (Some mattress do not come with a repair kit, you can obtain one from
              our store.) Many times the leak can be repaired without draining your mattress.
  Step 4: If a defect in materials or workmanship should occur, contact us here at the store &
              describe the nature of the problem. If an exchange or additional service is recommended,
              clearly mark the defect, drain the mattress completely, fold it & return it to the store
              with your proof of purchase.

Contact Our Service Department
  Having trouble with your waterbed?
  Feel free to give the knowledgeable staff at our Service Department a call:

  (757) 838-5470

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