Step 6 - Liner & Mattress

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Spread It Out
Spread your safety liner out in the frame. Smooth out all wrinkles particularly over the heating pad. Align all corners of the liner with the frame's corners.

Stand-Up Style
If you purchased a stand-up safety liner, it's simple to install. Spread it out and smooth out all wrinkles particularly over the heating pad.

Lay out your waterbed mattress. Be sure the fill valve is at the foot of the mattress. Be careful not to shift the fiber layers inside the mattress as you maneuver it around. You also need to be sure the safety liner stays in place. Remove the wrinkles on the mattress bottom and center it.

Do not tape the safety liner to the frame, this often results in a ripped safety liner.

Aligning It Is Important
Gently align the corners of the mattress with the corners of the frame.

Check the heater, heater sensor tube, and safety liner for proper position before moving on to the next step.

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