Step 5 - Heater

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Follow any specific instructions from your heater manufacturer.

Place the heating pad in the center area of the deck avoiding any cracks between decking boards. For Queen and Super Single sizes, place on one side or the other.


Specific Recommendations
Always install the heater in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations
  Never turn on a heater unless there is at least 4 inches of water in the mattress or it is full
  Never place the heater over any hardware or cracks between boards
  Place the heater in the middle or near the foot of the bed
  Run the power cord through the cutouts in the deck near the head of the bed
  If cutouts are not provided, remove at least one board and cut a 3" piece off the corner
  Many controls are meant to be mounted, damage to the control or wires can occur if you don't
  mount the control properly
  Gently roll the temperature sensor out
  When filling the mattress, use a mixture of warm and cold water so that it will be easier for the
  heater to get your bed up to temperature
  After filling the mattress with water, turn the heater on.
  Do not use with an extension cord
  If you need to use an extension cord, use on of at least 16 gauge
  (smaller numbers are larger size wires)
  If anything goes wrong with the heater or the mattress leaks, unplug the heater immediately

What You Should Know About Using A Heater

Mounting A Thermostat
Mount the Thermostat Control to either side of the frame depending on where you will plug it in. It may be mounted on the side as shown, or underneath. See manufacturers instructions. Use the screws provided. Plug the cord from the heating pad into the control unit.

DO NOT plug into the wall socket at this time.

Sensor Tube
Run the thermostat control's sensor tube through the corner cut-out onto the deck. The sensor tube should be positioned away from the mattress pad between the frame and heating pad. At least 12 inches is preferred. Consult your installation instructions for more detailed or specific instructions.

DO NOT plug into the wall socket yet!

Test Heater
To test the heater, plug it in and set the temperature. Place your hand on the heating pad. As soon as it becomes warm, UNPLUG the Heater.
Running the heater without a waterbed mattress full of water could damage the heater. Direct bodily contact with the heater for a prolonged period could result in a burn.

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