Step 4 - Frame Mounting

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Fit the Frame
Lower the frame onto the deck. Make sure the grooves overlap the deck boards. Recheck that the frame is centered on the decking.

Check to be sure the decking is still centered on the pedestal.

The grooves at the bottom of the headboard frame overhang the decking. The frame sides are outside the decking.

Attach the "L" brackets to the frame and decking. This secures the frame to the decking.

Spread these out appropriately. If there are three brackets, put one in the center and the others between the center and the frame boards at the head and foot. If two brackets per side, put each about 1/3 down or up from the head and foot.

File down rough burrs & tape over with duct tape to ensure no sharp edges are exposed.

Attach Headboard
If you have a bookcase headboard, attach the bookcase with the brackets and screws supplied. The flat brackets are screwed in from underneath the headboard and behind the frame.

You may have to slide the frame assembly out from the wall while this is being done. Be sure to put the frame back so that the decking is once again centered over the pedestal.

Check Rail Cap Fit
If you purchased rail caps, this is a good time to put these on.

If you find they are a little too loose later on, they may be secured by gluing hook & pile tape to the rails and the top of the frame.

This is a good time to check everything over for loose tools and other sharp items that might ruin your new waterbed. Check that the frame/decking assembly is centrally located on all four sides.

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